I had the great honour to interview the team from Tezaur Românesc / Romanian Treasury. This is a transdisciplinary group of young Romanians that has set out on a journey that creates value for a lot of people in Romania. When I read the answers that was sent to me I cried. It is beautifully written and speaks from the soul of a people who is often so misunderstood.” – Yvette Larsson , a Swedish journalist who loves Romania, the author of The Bucharest Lounge blog

Source: The Bucharest Lounge / Romanian-Insider.com

 – Who are you and the team? 

atelierul-de-haine-inspired-by-romanian-patternsWe are a group of young people who love Romania and have initiated a complex and, we could say, a pretty ambitious project, whose main objective is the revival of the traditional crafts and values of the Romanian village, and the conservation of the Romanian spirit. Being an interdisciplinary platform, we have gathered a large number of specialists from different areas, such as: designers, architects, ethnologists, philologists, sociologists, historians and journalists. 

 – Please describe each project in short, one by one.

Currently, the platform includes the following projects:

 –         The Romanian village –  the history of the Romanian villages, traditional peasant style of architecture, traditional building techniques, design, the spirit of the Romanian housing.

–         Romanian traditional crafts – textile manufacturing, wood, ceramics, glass, stone, iron, wood weaving, etc; hiring the craftsmen and designers inspired by this theme : sewing workshops, wood and Atelierul de Haine – a clothing workshop.

–         Rural life – the working of the land : agriculture, fruit growing, forestry, animal husbandry, and so forth, Romanian cuisine, promoting Romanian traditional products : Gradina fermecată – Charmed Garden, old cures and natural medicine, harmonious development and communities of volunteers. More